After School Program Mission Statement


Teaching children to love God with all their hearts, minds and bodies.

Showing by example how to love and serve their neighbors

so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will spread throughout the community.


Children, 3K-6th grade receive daily tutoring to develop a healthy mind, a nutritious USDA approved meal and physical activities to encourage a healthy body, and daily devotions to foster a healthy soul. Lexington School District 4 provides direct transportation from ECC, SPS and SES to our facilities. We pick up from FMIS in our church bus. Fill out a copy of the ASP enrollment form  and bring it by.  We look forward to meeting you!



Hours of Operation:

2017-2018 School Year

2-6pm Monday – Friday; Aug. 22-June 1
            Closed: Labor day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday),
                     Christmas, New Year’s day, Memorial day


2018 Summer Camp

7am-6pm Monday-Friday
Session 1: June 4-June 21
Session 2: June 25-July 12
Session 3: July 16-Aug. 2
Session 4: Aug. 6- Aug. 17


School year- $55.00 a week




Summer Camp- $85.00 a week




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“The leaders of the Sardis After School Program have had a long partnership with Lexington Four through The Community Partnership group, the summer reading program, and learning opportunities through ETV which focused on developing early literacy practices for our children.  Director Tammy Widua has understood the importance of aligning their work with the work of the schools, as they stay abreast of current research in early literacy.  We appreciate the work they do in our community and their ongoing relationship with Lexington Four!” Emily Allen, Instructional Coach at Sandhills Primary School, said.

                                             -The GPS News Triangle, Volume 2 Number 10 Article written by Emily Taylor. Read the entire article

 Our ASP director, Tammy Widua, discusses our mission for the children of our community on the End Child Hunger SC Facebook page. Click here to watch the video

The After School Program (ASP) at Sardis Baptist Church was recently recognized by DSS as being an excellent provider of healthy USDA approved meals through the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). CACFP serves at risk children and adults throughout the United States. In conjunction with the End Childhood Hunger SC program, DSS traveled to three sites to showcase the programs that are most effectively providing meals to children in their communities. Since October of 2014 God has given Sardis ASP the privilege of serving over 15,000 meals to our students!

There are 3 indicators for why a child struggles to learn:
1. Lack of reading readiness prior to starting Kindergarten
2. Chronic school absences
3. A lack of continued learning through the summer
During the summer months, Sardis ASP will be providing many fun and exciting ways for your child to not only retain what he/she has learned during the school year but, also, to thrive and move forward during those months.
Here are a just a few things we are providing through our summer program:
1. Reading groups to ensure that every child reads AT LEAST 8 books. Statistics show that it takes a minimum of 5 books for a child to retain their current level of reading.
2. Learning through play. Game boards and activities will revolve around improving reading and math skills
3. Spiritual growth through daily lessons called “Character Challenge” and scripture memorization
4. Outside play to encourage exercise and large motor skills
5. Field trips that will compliment what the students are learning
6. Free play to help improve social skills, cooperation and creativity

 Teaching Resources                                                         ($40.00 per year but WELL worth it!)


ASP PHONE: 568-8849

Office number 568-3996

ASP enrollment form