40 Days of Prayer 2017—Praying through Ephesians


Do you ever struggle to consistently pray? Do you feel as if every day you pray the same things over and over? You pray for those who are sick. You pray for those who are having marital problems. You pray for unsaved friends and family members. Then you pray for our country. Then you find your mind going blank and struggle to find much else to pray for. Then you close, “in Jesus name, Amen.” If this is your prayer life, as it has been in mine at times, then no wonder we don’t find ourselves fervently seeking to spend time with our Savior in prayer. I hope that will change during this years 40 Days of Prayer.

You will notice the prayer guide is different this year. Instead of the devotional format, the prayer guide is now a study guide designed to help you learn how to pray based on what you study in scripture. It will help you learn to pray to the one who reveals Himself to you each day through His revealed Word, the Bible. This years prayer guide is one that was used at my son’s church, Harvest Community Church in Charlotte, NC. I really appreciated how they laid the guide out to help their church learn to pray based on what God reveals through His Word about Himself and then apply that to every day lives in prayer. Pastor Jerry Barber wrote this in his letter to Harvest and I could not say it any better…

“The daily guides for Monday – Friday are structured as follows: The left side of the page consists of a Bible study guide centered on a few verses. We will lead you through the process of discovery so you can be fed and inspired by God’s Word. Then, after you study and meditate on the verses assigned for that day, it will guide you to pray in three ways:


  1. Praise and Thanks—What can I praise God for based on these verses? What can I thank
him for?


  1. Confession and Help—What do I need to confess to God as a result of these truths? How do I
need to ask God to help me in applying his truth to my life?


  1. Intercession—How can I use the truths arising from these verses to pray for others?


The key factor and beautiful thing is that the PRAYER response on the right side of the page is DIRECTLY RELATED to and grows out of the BIBLE STUDY response from the left side of the page. So when you pray for yourself, friends, family, your church family, ministries and missions activity, we are encouraging you to pray not the “same old things about the same old things,” but to pray fresh, biblically-oriented prayers that spring from Ephesians and go right to the heart of God!”

I hope and this 40 Days of Prayer will  be a blessing to you. Let me encourage you to commit yourself to doing the Bible studies each day. Life will get in the way unless you commit to grow in your prayer life. Let’s do it together and keep each other accountable. We can grow together if we work together as a body of Christ led by the Holy Spirit.

Special thanks to those who contributed to the creation of this 40 Days Prayer Guide. Thank you so much to everyone who participated so that our body may be strengthened.

(Most of this post is a preview of the intro of the Sardis 40-Day Prayer Guide)